You Need to Be Safe

And You Need to Know the Cost

Whether you’re repairing a broken kitchen lock or constructing a new home, all locksmith repair projects have costs. Trinity Lock Service, in Syracuse, IN and surrounding areas, will come to your site and provide a free locksmith estimate so that you know what you’re getting into. We offer locksmith choices and show how your dollars are going to keep you safe. Peace of mind is priceless and Trinity Lock Service will make sure your locksmith job is affordable.

Price for Locksmith

We offer many different services.  While we can’t put the individual price for each service, Trinity Lock Service provides the highest quality service and an affordable and competitive price.

See How We Can Help

Call or email Trinity Lock Service today so that we can get your locksmith needs met. Our team of qualified, bonded and certified locksmiths are available for emergencies. Check out the locksmith services we offer and see how we can help.